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Project Description
SilverKnight is a simple chess-like game. With knight moves conquer as much fields as possible. Requirements: Silverlight 2.0

Live demo
For live demo and full score list visit

Additional information
Title: SilverKnight
Author: Papn Kukn (
Requirements: Silverlight 2.0
License: Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

Question: Game does not start when index.html is loaded. Install Microsoft Silverlight link (image) is loaded instead.
Answer: You either don't have plugin installed or your browser is blocking Sliverlight content. If browser shows something like 'allow content' then click it. If still doesn't work then install latest Silverlight plugin or beta2 for first release.

Question: Why is not my name displayed on score list?
Answer: You have not gained enought points or connection with score server cannot be established. Try to find full score list on the SilverKnight website.

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